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Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm Edit

Jones Road Beauty is a gorgeous new clean beauty brand by one of my favorite makeup artists, Bobbi Brown! Jones Road Beauty is a clean beauty brand that eliminated over 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients from its formulas. If you are one that pays attention to ingredients, this brand lists them all out for you, and they are great. Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is that “The world doesn’t need more beauty products. It needs better beauty products.” All of her products are made to be multi-taskers and made to make a girl’s life easier!

I have ordered a few pieces that caught my eye. The Miracle Balm (of course), The Oil Stick, The Face Pencil, The Hippie Stick, and The Cool Gloss.

First Impressions: I love the formulas but they are all very similar. If you have the miracle balm you do not need the hippie stick. The face oil is a beautiful oil in stick form but for me, I would probably prefer the formula of the Supergoop Glow Stick. The Face Pencil was nice, great for on the go, and the formula was ok but I would prefer a twist-up concealer stick for convenience. This Face Pencil requires a pencil sharpener which is not ideal for on the go. The Cool gloss was really nice, not sticky or tacky. It is peppermint, so very refreshing and tingly. It is very pigmented so great for giving color.

Overall I liked the products but not a love for me. The one product I loved was the Miracle Balm in Au Naturel. It makes the skin look super hydrated and healthy. I love adding this to the face after all your makeup is on. It brings life back to the skin and brings gorgeous plump hydration. I have ordered one for my bridal makeup kit I loved this one so much. You can also use this on freshly washed skin. It somehow evens out the skin and gives a natural radiance. Definitely a must-try for me.

Au Naturel

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm in shades ( Top to Bottom) Bronze, Tawny, Au Naturel

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