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New In: Jones Road Miracle Balm – Miami Beach and Flushed

Jones Road Beauty has come out with a new shade of their award-winning Miracle Balm Miami Beach!
It is a gorgeous warm peachy coral with a subtle gold shimmer running thru it! It has a sheer to buildable coverage! I also picked up the shade Flushed, this color is a true cool pink! These balms are so dreamy for a healthy hydrated skin look. You can apply these balms before your makeup as a skincare tint or as a topper on top of your makeup to rehydrate the skin and bring back a flush of color! They give a gorgeous wash of color but a whole lot of hydration. I love that these balms can be used anywhere, cheeks, lips, eyes, chest…anywhere you want a glowing hint of color.

I have had a lot of questions about the texture of the Miracle Balms! It is a little hard to describe…but it’s like an oil in a balm form. Almost the texture of a luscious succulent butter. It is solid until you start to warm up the product in your hand, it becomes soft and balmy It is really perfect for dry skin. I would say anyone normal to dry could use these balms and love them.

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I have them swatched below for you, Top to Bottom: Flushed, Miami Beach