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A Travel Guide: Road Trip to Maine

This year has been quite a roller coaster, hasn’t it? My husband and I really wanted to plan a little getaway so we can take a break, breathe in some fresh air, and sit by the ocean. Maine has always been on my bucket list, the rocky beaches, the sound of the salty ocean waves hitting the harbor, the wildlife, and just how peaceful it always looked in photos, I loved everything about it. It was definitely a place I longed to visit. We typically plan one big trip a year and this year we didn’t want to take that away just because of covid. Thankfully there were no restrictions from NY to ME! My husband and I were able to find a small window of time to book a beautiful Air B&B right by the water, so we pack our things, jumped in the car, and went!

The most exciting part about this trip was that there was so much space in our Air B&B that we were able to bring our parents along for the adventure! We all live so far apart ( 7 hours or so) so what a better time to take a break together? Our parents are all healthy and we don’t have any sweet little ones just yet so we were so beyond thankful to have this time away with family.

The trip without stops was about nine and one-half hours from start to finish ( home to the cabin) so we knew this would be a long ride but, we absolutely love car rides together. My husband was the sweetest and pre-purchased walky-talkies for all three cars! This way we could all communicate together without having to consistently be on our phones. That small little act became so important throughout the trip because ( We didn’t know this but..) none of us had/would have any phone service for about 80% of this trip. Maine is very rural so we had little to no service at all. Those walky-talkies were a lifesaver! LOL

We headed out about 7 am Tuesday morning and reached our “halfway” mark which was more about two-thirds the way there we stopped for a really nice sit-down lunch together. This was great because it gave us all some time to stretch the legs and have an actual meal for the day! We stopped at a beautiful restaurant called The York River Landing in Maine! This was just less than four hours to our destination. It was a beautiful, woodsy, cabin-like restaurant overlooking a large body of water. The food was amazing and the service was so great. My favorite part was that they had homemade BLUEBERRY PIE! Guys, this was the most delicious pie I think I have ever had, and I am so sad to say that we never took a photo of it! We all dove in fork first and it was gone before there was any chance of that! haha! It was a thick, crispy, flaky, buttery crust with warm blueberries with a side of vanilla ice cream! Mmm mmm! I wish I could have some now… Lol

After lunch we made our way over to our Air B&B, basically a cabin in the woods! It was a beautiful cabin set back from the road surrounded by woods. There were deer peeping through the trees, greeting us as we pulled in the long driveway to our new home for the week. When you pull up to the cabin there was a big deck laid out on the side, filled with adorable seating made from crab cages! It was so so adorable. They had a fire pit in the back surrounded by just the right amount of chairs for each person. They even had a bundle of wood all ready to go for us!

When you walked in the front door you felt like you were stepping back into time, wood everything, it was the coziest place I think we have ever stayed. Three Beds Two Baths.  I have had so many questions about this place. It was the most beautiful and peaceful cabin, we loved it so so much. It was exactly what we had needed, peace and quiet! Thank you, Jesus! The most precious thing about this place was that, when you walk to the end of the driveway, look to your left, and there it was, the beautiful salty ocean! Just as I came for! Such an amazing place.

The first day we spent resting, settling in, and catching up with one another. Just a sweet day that was.

*I always recommend, don’t count travel days as a part of your trip because you end up resting the rest of that evening! We always book an extra day on each end of our trip for travel! So if we want to be somewhere for 7 days, we schedule 9 days, one on each end for travel!

Places to Visit:

  • Bar Harbor – If you are looking for a sweet little village with restaurants, little shops, places to find treats, walk a beautiful harbor, this is your place! It is actually not that small at all. It has a small, home town feel to it tho! I love that the whole area overlooks a big harbor full of beautiful boats!
  • The second place that I would definitely recommend is Acadia National Park! You will need a ticket to get in, we ended up purchasing a National Parks Annual Park Pass, but you can just purchase a day pass. This is a gorgeous park filled with waterfalls, bodies of water, and beautiful overlooks filled with wildlife and greenery. This park is beautiful to drive through but also so beautiful to take your time and get out and go for some afternoon hikes! Such a stunning park to spend time in.
  • This is a nationally recognized place in Maine: The Bass Head Lighthouse! It is the lighthouse you see in almost every book about Maine. It is a lovely lighthouse set up high on bedrock overlooking the big blue ocean. This was a super fun place to visit. I want to note, this was quite a steep hike to get to! It was fine for us young kids ( we are in our 30’s Haha) but definitely not a place I would take little ones or elderly. It was a beautiful place to spend time tho! 
  • Lastly, my personal favorite, Lamoine State Park. This was a beautiful little beach cove that had a sandy and a rocky beach area. It was the most perfect spot to bring your chair, your book, your coffee, and rest in the quiet by the ocean, just listening to the waves crash against the sand. I could sit here all day. In fact, I would love to build a little house right here and never leave.

There were so many more little places we visited but none like these listed above! This is the highlight reel! All the places I would definitely recommend visiting while you’re up in Maine!