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necessaire body lotion

The Best Body Cream: How to get hydrated & Happy Skin!

necessaire body lotion

I don’t know about you but my skin is D R Y! I have tried so many body care brands, but I am constantly left with even more dry skin. Last year I discovered the brand Necessaire! It has genuinely been the best body care I have used maybe ever!

Necessaire body care is designed to be *clean* skincare but for your body.  Their body care is packed with vitamins and fatty acids to nourish and treat the skin as well as hydrate. You N E E D to try this brand, I can’t get enough! Ugh, Lol!

My Collection:

The Body Lotion was the first thing I tried from this brand and it is the absolute BEST thing they sell. I then purchased the Body Oil (which is amazinggg) the Hand Cream, the Body Exfoliator (which my husband loves), and the SPF!

I have repurchased the body lotion over and over again. It leaves the skin SO soft, SO hydrated, and SO glowy!! This body lotion is a fast-absorbing moisturizing treatment with facial-grade ingredients!!! It has barrier-supporting niacinamide, marula, meadowfoam, and cacay oils. Naturally rich in Vitamins A, C, E, Omegas 6, 9, and two peptides. Your skin will feel moisturized and SO nourished. It has no silicones and no Parabens. Have you ever used a hand cream or body cream and your dry cracked skin is left stinging? I think we have all been there, this line has NEVER left my skin stinging, itchy, or irritated ever! This body cream has been the best body care item I’ve ever used. It has totally changed my skin.

Their products are also unscented, which I love. Their products absorb into the skin so fast and leave your skin baby soft.

The hand cream is a richer, more buttery texture compared to the body lotion. I love this on top of the body lotion. It’s like a rich moisturizer that seals in all the hydration and keeps your hands from cracking during these winter months. Its formula is rich in marula oil, vitamins C and E, omega-6, and omega-9 to nourish skin, while niacinamide supports the skin‘s moisture barrier. It‘s also fragrance-free, non-sensitizing, works on sensitive skin and is pH balanced.

The body oil has my heart, if you love body oils, you will absolutely fall in love with this one. it’s a fast-absorbing treatment oil, rich in critical antioxidants, vitamins, and omegas 6-7-9 for dewy, glowy-looking skin. It truly soaks in like a dream but leaves your skin looking supple and sexy. I love this in winter but also in summer for that glow ✨

The body exfoliator is so great at removing any dry patches of skin. It is filled with AHA/Glycolic Acid: Which visibly softens the skin, and BHA/Salicylic Acid: Which visibly renews the skin. If you have dry skin, you will love this – apply moisturizer and body oil on after you exfoliate for baby soft supple skin!!

The SPF is 100% Mineral based. It is broad spectrum SPF 30 with 20% Non-Nano Zinc, Hyaluronic Acid, and Niacinamide! It is super creamy and soaks in the skin really well! Def great for sunny days!

best body lotion

( Texture Swatches from Top to Bottom: Hand Cream, Body Lotion, SPF, Body Oil )

I have been obsessed with this brand since I found them. I give their body care as gifts, and I cant stop recommending them on Instagram! LOL, I think everyone knows it’s my favorite at this point! But I truly think if you tried this brand, you would love them. Do you have any body care favorites? Let me know on Instagram! I’d love to see what everyone else is loving and using!

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