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A Westman Atelier Edit: Three Makeup Must Haves

The Westman Atelier Edit

This blog post is all about the top 3 Westman Atelier products you definitely will want to try! The Favorites: The Westman Atelier Foundation ( I have shade II), the Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Highlight in Peau de Pêche, and the Wesman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick in shade Nectar!

I have had my eye on Wesman Atelier products for a long time, I love Gucci Westman as a makeup artist, so when she came out with her own clean makeup line I was 100% on board. Her looks are so skin-focused and fresh. I love her amazing work, so I had to pick up a few of the products she recommends!

My Top Three Picks

  1. Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Highlight -Award-winning, treatment-packed cream highlighter for cheeks, lips, lids. This is the most beautiful product I have used from Westmanatilier. It’s like a bronzer/blush/highlight all in one. The color is so universal I could see this fitting just about every skin tone. It’s super creamy and melts beautifully into the skin. I can’t say enough about this product. It is not sticky or tacky. I love that it just melts into the skin leaving your skin looking hydrated but with a beautiful shine. Ugh, I am so in love with this one.
  2. Westman Atelier Foundation– This is a treatment-packed foundation. It has Skin-Calming Actives and Buildable Coverage. It’s like Second Skin. It leaves you with an even, healthy complexion. It is super easy to use and blends in like butter. Perfect for every day but also gorgeous in pictures. It is a more dry formula which I love. I have found it is very long wearing and looks so natural. If you want a more creamy texture just add a richer moisturizer and/or primer under the foundation.
  3. Wesman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick – This is a multitasking gel highlighter for freshly hydrated skin. It makes you look like you just had the best facial of your life! It has a super unique texture, it is very dewy, and makes your skin look like glass. It’s stunning. Definitely great for dryer more dehydrated skin. It feels like skincare really. I love putting this on under and over the foundation. It has a super subtle highlighting effect, very natural on the skin.

If I were to recommend one product for you to try first it would most definitely be the Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Highlight. It is so beautiful and I have not found any product on the market like it. It has this beautiful way of making your skin glow with health and vibrance without it being too much.

Have you girls ever tried any Westman Atelier products yet? If so, which ones? I love that her makeup is packed with skincare benefits and are so long-wearing and lush on the skin. I want everything she makes! Lol

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