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Bobbi Brown Foundation Edit

If you have spent any time with me or have ever seen my makeup bag you would know, Bobbi Brown is by far my favorite makeup brand. I have used and loved their products for several years now and I can’t imagine ever living without them. The products are high quality, great on the skin, and stunning in photos. One of my favorite Bobbi products of all time are their foundations. They have several different formulas and at one point or another, I have owned each one of them and loved them for all different reasons. I know foundation shopping is difficult so I wanted to give you a mini brand review on each of the foundations Bobbi Brown carries, who they are good for, and why. 

I want to start with the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick –   This is a go-to for me, I have it in my personal kit ( 2 actually – one for backup lol) and I have the stick foundation makeup artist pro kit for my clients. This product is good for all skin types. It is creamy, super blendable, long-wearing, Medium to full coverage, and has a natural finish. It works well on all ages as well. I use this on anyone from 15 to 75 and it looks just as beautiful. It melts into the skin leaving your skin looking soft and supple. And my favorite thing is, It’s gorgeous in photos! It’s super easy to keep in your makeup bag or to travel with and the price is comparable to other foundations in its category!  

My next favorite is the Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation – This is another best seller for Bobbi Brown. This foundation is great for all skin types as well. It has a natural/matte finish and is long-wearing. It blends out beautifully and has a great creamy texture. This foundation is also great in photos. It is a medium to full coverage foundation. This foundation price-wise is also comparable to similar foundations in its category. 

The Intensive Skin Serum Foundation – This foundation is a super hydrating foundation created for normal to dry skin types. It has a beautiful glowy finish and is filled with skincare benefits. I would not recommend this foundation to anyone that does not like a sheen to their skin. If you have oily skin, this could be too intense of hydration for you and may make you feel even more greasy. But, if you have dry dehydrated skin, this product is a dream! It feels like a boost of hydration on the skin and has great coverage! The price on this foundation is pretty high, but it is meant to be a skincare infused foundation so it is worth the money if you are looking for a good 2 in 1! 

The Skin Foundation – This product is great for normal –  or – normal to oily skin. It is a long-wearing medium coverage foundation with a glowy finish. It is a great middle of the road foundation, great for every day. Its price is higher than other similar foundations on the market currently but again, Bobbi Brown products are filled with higher quality ingredients so it is something to consider. 

The BB Cream – This is a sheer to light coverage foundation, great for those looking for a second-skin feel. It blends out beautifully and gives great moisture with SPF of 35! It is my go-to for days I’m running errands and just want something light on my face with some SPF for sun protection. Price-wise, it is on the higher end but to me, It’s worth it. I have tried other BB creams but they don’t have the same fluffy texture that gives the coverage and hydration this product does. 

Lastly The Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer – This is just that, a nude, tinted moisturizer. It gives hydration with sheer coverage. This product is great for summer when you are at the beach and just want a little skin tone evening and protection from the sun! It is great for all skin types and has a natural glowy finish. It is higher on the price scale for similar products on the market. 

If I were to choose my favorite foundations from Bobbi Brown I would have to pick 3 – The Foundation stick, The Skin Long-Wear Weightless, and the BB cream. I have all 3 in my personal makeup collection currently and adore each one. Bobbi Brown has great quality products. If you would like help finding a foundation, let me know! I’d love to help! 

I hope you all have a great day! Thank you again for visiting me! 

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