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Exploring New York

The dusty smell and the giant colorful billboards of New York get me every time. You can feel the energy right as you get off the plane.  I love the hustle and bustle of the city! The ambition, the hard work, the coffee, food, and most importantly the fashion! New York is filled with such inspiration. I travel to NYC quite often, but each time my husband and I go we try to explore something new –  a coffee shop, a little restaurant, or a hidden boutique. It’s all so unique and so beautiful. Walking down the busy streets of Manhattan and seeing all the blissful bouquets of roses and peonies draws you in. It has become one of my favorite places to go explore and draw inspiration from. Each time you’re there you find something new!

“It’s no secret that New York is a wellspring of inspiration, with action, romance, and fascinating strangers lurking around every corner. No wonder so many artists, writers, and creatives have flocked here” – Stephanie Maida

Here is a little photo drop of some beautiful places and treats we were able to experience in NY! I love NY, everytime we leave, I cant wait to make plans to come back!


New York has definitely been a place where I find inspiration. Every step you take you meet someone new (or at least bump into someone new)! This city has become a beautiful part of me and my journey to newness.