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Keeping busy during this COVID-19 Craziness

The past month has been really hard for everyone around the world and at times it seems as though the outlook is bleak but it’s not! This crazy time in history that we are a part of has some upsides! For my husband and I, it has been so nice to have the time to set aside time for one another, to sit down and read together, play board games together, and re-learn to appreciate the simple things in life. Not to say that it wasn’t hard at first, it definitely was. To abruptly change your whole way of life is really tough emotionally and just practically. We miss going on our coffee dates and dinner dates and even just our Wegmans trips! But we really are trying to take as much positivity as we can and be thankful , truly, for what God has blessed us with, and that we have each other. 

We have been trying to stay as productive as possible over here in our little home. I have been trying to take more time to read those books I’ve had on my list for years, to spend more time in God’s word, taking time to try new recipes, and taking time to write & plan out some goals I have for this year both personally and professionally. 

These are some of my favorite things we have been doing these past weeks:  

  • Board Games –  Rummikub!! This has been one of my favorites for years and now’s the time to pull it out and play all night! It’s a great game for two people or more! We have also been loving just classic card games, BattleShip, Yahtzee, and my husband’s personal favorite, Scrabble! 
  • Video Games – Neither my husband nor myself are big video game people BUT because we have been looking for new things to do we have located some old childhood favorites! We now have Super Mario Brothers, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro! How funny to think 20 years later I would be pulling out and loving games I once played as a child!! 
  • Reading – It sounds silly but I have always wanted to read the Chronicles of Narnia but I never took the time to. Christmas this past year my husband surprised me with the full set and I’m so excited to say I have finally started! I am currently on my third one, The Horse and the Boy, they are nice easy reads, I am truly enjoying them. I also have had time to read my Bible a lot more, Praise the Lord! Lastly, I have been having a blast reading some of my favorite bloggers! I have been loving and These two have been so fun to read and keep up with! 
  • Movie Nights – My personal favorite nights! We have been going through some movie series! We have now watched  – The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, The Matrix series, Twilight series, and the MIB series! These have been so fun! We hadn’t watched most of these movies so it was really fun watching them all in order. 
  • Cleaning – This time apart from everything else has given me extra time to notice all the little messes we have around the house, like all the messy closets, all the bins of old shoes, all the items under the bed that have gone unused for 2 years, and the messy kitchen cabinets! So this has been a great time to hunker down and get some real cleaning done! We throw on some good music, get in some cozy clothes, prep with a nice bold cup of coffee, and get to it! For some reason, no matter how big the mess maybe, if you do it together as a team with your spouse or loved ones, it becomes a lot more fun and a lot easier! 
  • Laptop Time – My hubby and I love having laptop time together! We pull out our laptops, fill up a hot cup of coffee and sit together on our couch or in our coffee room and type away! It’s a great way to spend time together while also being productive! I love it because we can put on some coffee shop music and enjoy just being with one another! 
  • Spa Night – This one’s one of my personal favorites! I pull out all my favorite skincare and haircare, draw a bath, and set the mood with some spa music lightly playing in the background with some lavender scented candles! It really helps calm any anxieties and pamper your hair and skin! Such a great way to spend an evening!
  • Baking – I have been loving opening up my recipe books and finding baked goods I’ve been meaning to try! It is so relaxing to just have windows open, a good cup of tea ( or coffee of course ) and get working on some deliciousness!

These are some of our favorite ways to spend time together, what has been helping you guys get through quarantine time? I’d love new ideas of things to do together! 

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