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For Flawless Skin – Try Dermaplaning!

Hey friends! How is your week going? I hope you are all well and enjoying this gorgeous fall weather in Upstate NY! I have been working in my studio a bunch this week but wanted to take a moment to explain dermaplaining. I have had so many questions about this lately! This is a service I have added to my menu because I have seen so much improvement in my skin and my friends’ skin because of it! So, I can’t stand all the little hairs on my face, all the peach fuzz and little dark hairs around my mouth. I also have super dry skin so I get dry patches and a lot of flakiness. Once I tried dermaplaining I never knew how amazing my skin could look and feel with just one treatment. It leaves your skin feeling so incredibly smooth and soft, like a baby’s behind! LOL But also makes your skin look so much brighter and clearer.

So, What is Dermaplaining?

Dermaplaining is a non-invasive highly effective yet gentle exfoliation. This Sweeps away dead skin cells and built-up debris. This also painlessly removes peach fuzz to Instantly reveal smooth, glowing skin. This will create a flawless canvas for makeup application or just a beautiful skin day! It is clinically proven to significantly improve radiance, skin tone, and texture. This also allows skincare to absorb deeply and effectively and is gentle and safe for all ages, ethnicities, skin tones, and types, even sensitive skin.

I have found that this works on just about everyone and it is painless! It makes such a difference when applying your skincare and makeup. I would love for you to be able to see the difference. When the dry dead skin, all the debris and hair are removed your skincare can penetrate so much deeper and will leave your skin looking healthier and happier. When you apply makeup after your treatment, you will notice immediately how  much more of a silky canvas you will be working with. You will see everything just sets on the skin beautifully. This service is something movie stars and actresses do before red carpet events, brides will do this service before wedding events, and honestly many will do this service regularly If you are prone to having excess hair or dry skin on the face. I swear one you try this you will be hooked. Your skin will thank you!

You can add this treatment to your facial or schedule as a stand-alone service. It is a great way to keep your skin healthy and clear. I am in love with the results. I have seen such a difference in my skin as well as my client’s skin! I can’t recommend it enough.

If you are looking to try this amazing skin treatment, head over to my contact page so we can get you scheduled!