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Skin Prep Essentials

Skin prep is essential to a makeup application. Have you ever had foundation look patchy, maybe dry spots, or uneven texture? And for many, the foundation just disappears halfway through the day. These are all common issues when you have not prepped your skin properly. Whether you are applying your makeup for a workday or your wedding day, makeup should always start with 3 things:

1.) Clean Skin  2.) a Moisturizer and 3.) Primer!

The picture below shows the foundation with skin prep ( on right ) and without any skin prep ( on left). Isn’t it crazy how different it looks? The color even looks different!

Great skin truly is the key to great makeup. Hydrated skin will always look and feel healthy and happier. 

As a makeup artist, I always start my clients with a good cleanse. I love using micellar water. This is a great gentle way to remove any residual makeup. I apply it to a cotton round, while any makeup residue away, and I’m good to go! 

After the skin is clean, I apply the proper moisturizer to each client. * Note – make sure the moisturizer is formulated to fit your specific skin type. ie: If you are dry, apply a rich formula. If you are oily, apply a water-based thinner formula this will be formulated specifically for oil control. * This is a step no one should ever skip! No matter what skin type you are, a moisturizer is necessary! This will help balance your skin and hydrate your skin properly so that when we go to apply foundation it doesn’t soak it in or slip off! When your skin is properly moisturized the foundation will glide on beautifully and last twice as long! 

Lastly, I apply a primer. Primers are designed to improve the coverage and longevity of your makeup. Have you ever painted a bedroom? Or even painted something small like your nails? It’s the same concept – Primer then paint! Primer smooths out any imperfections and fills in any pores, fine lines, or wrinkles. Some primers are designed to improve skin’s radiance and hydration! Pick a primer that has what your skin needs specifically and apply a dime size evenly throughout your skin starting at the center of the face and blend out towards the cheeks! For some, this will be a game-changer! 

Some of my favorites that I cannot live without I will list below for you! I hope this helps you girls out! If you have questions or need help picking out a product, please feel free to msg me! I’d love to help! 

Favorite moisturizers before makeup

Favorite Primers

These are just a few of my personal favorites! What are your favorite primers? What do you look for in a primer? 

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