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Makeup Masterclass with NamVo

Some of my favorite parts of being a makeup artist is the traveling and the education! I love furthering my education and learning all the latest and best techniques out there! My favorite makeup look by far is a natural glowing complexion and beautiful skin. When you enhance a woman’s natural beauty she looks and feels her best! And thats all a makeup artist ever wants, her clients to look and feel as beautiful as they truly are.

I have gone to several makeup classes but by far my favorite one of all was my class last summer in NYC with Nam Vo! Nam Vo is a leading makeup artist in the industry , working with huge celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Rosie Huntington, she is known for her amazing “Glow Jobs” around the world and works with Bobbi Brown and Becca Cosmetics as artists in residency. She has THE BEST way of making skin look like skin. Perfect and Glowing from within. Learning her personal techniques, the products she loves, and how she layers products was super helpful and made me excited to try it on myself and my clients at home! I couldn’t have asked for a better class! The goodie bag was insane and it opened my eyes to new products to try and play with that I would never have tried otherwise! If any of you girls out there, makeup artists or not, are thinking about makeup classes, I would definitely recommend it!  It was not only a blast, it was super informational, you learn so much about skin, products, anddd you were given a great bag of fun products to play with when you get home!! So worth the money!

All the products that I got in my bag!!
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