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Top 3 Tips to Help Makeup Last

“How do I make my makeup last all day? “  So many times we are halfway through the workday and look in the mirror and think, Where did my makeup go? How did my makeup just disappear?

There are a few tips as a makeup artist that I love to share, that has truly helped me so much personally and with my clients!

1.Did you start with skincare? This is a SUPER important step!

Using the proper moisturizer will prevent your skin from soaking up the foundation to try to replace the missing moisture it is looking for.

2. Have you tried a Primer?

Have you ever heard the saying – Not to prime is a crime? it’s totally true! It makes your makeup last longer and the application looks so much more skin-like. It helps hydrate and blur out any imperfections.

Many times your skincare can act as a way to prime the skin BUT using an actual primer can be an amazing way to help your makeup last a lot longer. Primers are specifically formulated to create a base foundation will cling to. When shopping for a primer make sure to purchase one suited specifically for your skin type. If you have dry skin, try a hydrating primer, if you have oily skin, purchase one that will help minimize oil and help balance the skin. There are so many options out there. Just take your time and do your research. ( If you want me to do a blog post just on primers specifically, let me know. I’d love to! )

3. Setting Your Foundation

When applying your makeup, I always recommend setting the areas of makeup that tend to disappear with a setting powder. This, for most people, is the T Zone. You want to place the setting powder in the places your makeup moves the most – The forehead, nose, under the eyes, and the chin. I use a small, clean, fluffy eyeshadow brush for this, you could also use a powder puff. I generally recommend using something smaller for precision. For most, you don’t always want to set the whole face. By placing setting powder on just the areas that move the most or tend to get more oily – you will take away the excess shine and this will leave the skin looking like skin, natural. It will allow the natural glow of your skin to shine through.

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