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Brush Cleaning 101

When it’s time to clean your brushes make it a fun self care time! I throw on a mask, put on my favorite YouTube channel and fill up a big cup of coffee and get going! It takes some time so strap in! Lol!

Things I like to have when setting up to clean my brushes are:

  1. A Cleaning Mitt! This will help get into the brush bristles to get in and get the whole brush clean!
  2. A good brush cleanser! I love the Bare Minerals Well Cared For Brush Cleaner or the BeautyBlender Liquid Blender Cleanser. If you don’t have a brush cleanser I would recommend trying Dawn dish soap! It’s super gentle on the bristles and is antibacterial and doesn’t leave any unwanted residue on the bristles.
  3. A clean towel to lay the brushes on to dry!

Once you have everything needed get over to the sink, press play on your music or YouTube Channel and start washing away!

I get the water running on low with lukewarm water , put on my mitt, I place a pea-size amount of soap on the mitt, then take my dry brush and run the water through the bristles only with the brush facing down! This is important! You want to avoid getting the base ( where the bristles meet the handle of the brush) saturated with water, over time this will loosen the adhesive that holds the bristles to the brush & the brush bristles will eventually fall apart if not careful. So after your bristles are damp, I swirl the damp bristles into the soap on the mitt underwater and then rinse. When water starts coming out clear your brush are clean! I gently squeeze out any excess water from the brush, shape the bristles in a point, and lay the brush flat on the towel horizontally to dry. I leave my brushes for 24 hrs on the towel to dry! 

Once brushes are dry you are ready to go! 

Keeping your brushes clean is essential for a proper makeup application. Not only is it important for the application but it also keeps the brushes from growing any bacteria that could cause acne or unwanted breakouts! 

I hope this helps! Brush cleaning can be dull but once you figure out how to make time for it and add some fun music, it can be a fun time! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! 

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