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Life in March 2022

March was a BUSY month for us over here. How about you girls? We fit in so much. Work has been crazy busy, We tried visiting some new places around upstate NY and we somehow fit a trip down to Tennessee AND New Jersey! It turned out to be a really great month.

Let’s Start at the Beginning

In Upstate NY, A beautiful new coffee shop opened this month called Clementine! I saw some friends post about it and we had to go obviously 🙈 They have a Biscoff Latte and if you know me, you know that’s my favorite cookie of all time so we had to make the trip out there! This little coffee shop is adorable! I love how bright and cheery it is. If I were to redecorate my office, this would be my vibe. Very Urban Outfitters with ALL the plants and sunshine. The latte was amazing, by the way, if you are ever up here in NY you have to visit! It’s perfect!

I finally placed my Catbird Jewelry order! ( photo below ) I am in love with this daisy necklace. I have had it in my cart for weeks and just finally pushed the purchase button. Is it just me or does everyone do that? I always add things to my cart and dream about it for a while before I actually place the order. Lol! I have been eyeing it for what seems like forever. So glad I can add this adorable daisy beaded necklace to my jewelry collection, I am such a fan of layering my necklaces. I also purchased this sweet little bag. ( another item I have been eyeing for quite some time lolol) Isn’t it just perfect? So romantic and delicate, the perfect pairing with a spring or summer dress.

We took a beautiful road trip to Tennessee!

We are on the hunt for a new home and TN was a state we both thought about a lot and did a lot of research on. So we packed some bags and the pup and took a trip south to look at properties in the mountains. It was a fun and very informative trip!

The Smokey Mountains
Black Rifle Coffee

And just a few favorite life photos from this month!

Dinner with friends!
I wrote my 100th blog post!
We went on lots of walks this month!

We took a road trip to Jersey!

I am such a lover of travel, family, makeup, and coffee. Those are my main life loves. We have family down in Jersey so we like to take time out of our schedules a couple of times a year to go down and spend some time there. While we were there, I had a couple of places on my wish list to Visit! Number one, the new Jones Road Beauty Studio by Bobbi Brown. I love everything Bobbi does so I couldn’t wait to see all the beauty bits inside! We went on a perfect Saturday, it is super busy so make sure you have a little time! They had a line to get in. It was SUCH a cute boutique. The girls inside were so great, the service was impeccable, and I loved playing with all the products in person. It’s so nice seeing everything, feeling the textures, and seeing the tones on your skin. The studio is in an area that is so cute. There are so many fun cute shops and restaurants around there. It feels like NYC vibes without the thousands of people everywhere. Number two, The George Hotel! Omgosh, this is another gorgeous project Bobbi Brown has done and I loved it so much! It is like you are walking into a cozy boutique hotel in London. Everything in there is a vibe. Dark moody tones, navy, greys, creams, and reds. It is such a sweet little place to stay, and it’s about 5-10 minutes from her new Jones Road Beauty Studio. So definitely visit both if you are in the area! This quaint little Inn is such a great place to visit and stay while you are in town.

Maybe I should do a New Jersey Travel Guide blog post? This summer I’ll put one together for you girls. It’s a crazy city but filled with so many fun places to visit!

We were able to visit both wish list places and so I snapped some photos for you!

Jones Road Beauty Studio

The George Inn

A beautiful, quaint, cozy hotel in Montclaire New Jersey.

This month was filled with travel, family, and coffee. Such a great month! I hope you all had a great month as well! Find me on insta and come say hi!

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