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Skincare Application!

2020 is here and so are our skincare goals! I know for me, skincare has played a huge role in my personal life and most definitely in my professional life. When skincare is applied correctly it makes a world of difference! It allows the products to not only work properly, but work together to give you the best results possible. Skincare can also play a huge role in the way your makeup sits on the skin. When your skin is not moisturized properly, the makeup can sit on the surface looking dull, accentuating fine lines and wrinkles, and sometimes make the skin look worse. On the other hand if your skin is not getting the correct products and your skin has an excess of oil , your makeup can slid off and “disappear” in just a few hours!

I really wanted to share what helped me out when I first started using skincare for myself, and what also helped me prep my brides for makeup on their special day!

First I want to start off by saying EVERYONE needs a moisturizer. Whether you are dry or oily. Moisturizer is meant to help restore balance in the skin. When we are dry we are lacking moisture but when we are oily, we are lacking the proper amount and type of moisture. When you have an excess of oil, it is just your body’s way of making up for not having the moisture it needs. When you balance out your moisture levels, you will be happy to see, the amount of oil that you had struggled with is now restored to its natural balance. Some people have combination skin, which means that their skin is dry in some areas and is unbalanced in other areas and just needs a little extra attention.

Below I will list the steps in which we are to apply skincare to receive the maximum benefit from each product.

1. Start out with a good cleanse!
– I cant stress enough the importance of cleansing your face before bed – regardless if you are a makeup user or not, cleansing is a huge part of clean , hydrated, well balanced skin.

2. Exfoliate!
– This step is one many people skip! It will help remove the dry dead skin that sits on the surface , causing dullness, dry patches, and uneven texture. Exfoliating clears the way so that all your next products can be applied on clean, healthy skin. This will allow your skin to absorb all the vitamins and nutrients from your treatment products and your serums.

3. Tone
– This is an optional step but many people love a good toner, It helps remove any left over product residue before the next steps! Many toners are infused with rich vitamins and minerals to help improve your skins balance.

4. Apply your treatment products – serums!
– serums play an amazing part in the skincare routine, especially for aging skin. Serums are a light weight concentrated product that is filled with targeted treatments for whatever your skin is struggling with. Unlike a moisturizer , Serums are made up of very small molecules , this allows the skin to absorb them faster and they can penetrate deeper into the skins layers. Moisturizers are more thick and are created to lock in moisture.

5. Mask ( OPTIONAL )
– Masks are another great way to help penetrate products deeper into the skin, infusing skincare benefits deeper into your skins layers.

6. Oils / Serums ( OPTIONAL)
– After you remove your mask, re-apply your serums before applying your moisturizer

7. Moisturizer – My favorite part of the day!!
– moisturizers are full of skincare benefits tailored to your skins needs, It will help balance your skins moisture levels and help prep your skin for makeup beautifully!!
– Heavier creams , such as moisturizers, are made up of larger molecules designed to help create a “blanket” of nourishment and protection for your skin.

8. Last but certainly not least , Sunscreen!!! One of the most important steps!
– This will help protect your skin from UVA, UVB rays that cause cancer, premature aging, loss of elasticity, and discoloration. It is super super important all year round but especially in the summer wile we are all out laying with our toes in the sand, swimming in the ocean, or gardening in your backyard. Stay protected! It will leave your skin looking younger , longer!

I hoped this helped you girls! I know it certainly helped me when I started using skincare more seriously. Skincare is a beautiful part of each day, it can be a great way to give yourself a few minutes in peace and quiet and pamper yourself, even for a moment.

If you girls or guys, have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I would love to help! Thanks again for visiting me and my page! Have an amazing day!

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