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Weekend Getaway Edit – Skaneateles NY

One of my favorite little spots to relax during the winter has been Skaneateles NY. It’s a little town just up in the Finger Lakes. This sweet little town sits right on the water overlooking a natural spring lake. It’s quiet, quaint and perfect for a weekend getaway full of coffee, books, and good food!

My husband and I have gone every other year to just spend time together, walk, talk, eat, and enjoy each others company. It feels like a little town out of a hallmark movie! The people are so kind and laid back. They have the best food and cutest little boutiques. It’s definitely somewhere to stop and visit someday if you haven’t been. Here are some of our favorite places to spend a little time in:

Places to Visit for Breakfast or Coffee

Skaneateles Cafe – Best Lavender London Fog Latte I’ve ever had, and don’t forget the warm homemade fried cakes! It is the cutest little cafe around. They have sandwiches, soups, coffees, and delicious desserts. It’s our favorite place to sit, relax, and read. 

Patisserie Cafe – This adorable little bread and pastry shop. They supply fresh bread to almost every restaurant in the town! Their famous bread that has everyone drooling in town is called “Stretch Bread” and it’s the best fresh bread around! Definitely a must-have if you visit this little town! 

The Patisserie
The Skaneateles Antique Center

Places to Visit for Lunch and Dinner :

The Sherwood Inn –  Such a beautiful place, built in 1807 and still kept all of its charm! The people are so kind and the food is absolutely delicious. This is a more dressy upscale place so pack your fancy sweater! 

The Blue Water Grill – We visit this one every time we visit this adorable little town! It sits right over the water, has beautiful views and delicious food. This one is also a more upscale place, so maybe wear your fancy boots! 

The Sherwood Inn

This little town has a special place in my heart. It is just the perfect place to wind down, relax, and rest. I hope that at some point you could visit and enjoy its little charm!